Audiovisual Finland to cease its activities at the end of 2017

Audiovisual Finland to cease its activities at the end of this year – operations to continue in the form of a new producers’ association

Film and TV export association Audiovisual Finland will close its doors on 31st December 2017. A new producers’ association to be established in the spring of 2018 will in the future be responsible for running initiatives and offering services to promote the internationalization of the Finnish audiovisual sector.

It has been the mission of Audiovisual Finland to promote the internationalization and growth of the Finnish film and TV industry, as well as increase the visibility of Finnish audiovisual content across the international marketplace.

Over the course of its decade-long history, the association has produced numerous export events both in Finland and abroad, and provided training and project development mentoring for Finnish AV professionals, in addition to making important international connections with various key influencers and companies across many countries.

Moreover, Audiovisual Finland was a driving force behind the entire industry’s long-term advocacy work, resulting in the internationally competitive production incentive that was finally introduced in Finland at the start of 2017.

In addition to its main duties, the association also handed out the annual Hulda - Finnish Audiovisual Export Award, the recipient of which was always a Finnish audiovisual production, professional, corporation, or team that had demonstrated outstanding innovation and had made clear leaps in the form of an international breakthrough.

“On behalf of the Audiovisual Finland Board I would like to thank our past CEOs who have been responsible for the daily running of the organization during all these years, the dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to internationalize this sector, as well as our partners who have helped us achieve such fantastic results. In the future, this valuable work will continue in the form of a new organization, wherein various players across the audiovisual field will be brought together, giving us the increased muscle we need to export Finnish audiovisual expertise and content,” said Chairman of the Audiovisual Finland Board Valtteri Niiranen, when expressing his gratitude.

During 2007-2015 the organization was known by the name FAVEX (Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export) before changing it to Audiovisual Finland in 2016.

Details about the new producers’ association – the founding of which is currently underway – and its services will be publicized in due course in the spring of 2018.

More information:

Valtteri Niiranen
Chairman of the Board, Audiovisual Finland
+358 400 245 008

Eerika Vermilä
Project Manager
+358 50 577 2324

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