FAVEX is now Audiovisual Finland

FAVEX is now Audiovisual Finland

FAVEX - Finnish Film & Audiovisual Export, the internationalisation association of Finnish film & TV industry has changed its name into Audiovisual Finland.

The new name and visual identity along with new website was launched on Jan. 5th.

"Our old name often required a lot of explanation and the acronym FAVEX was not very clear.” CEO Johanna Karppinen states. The mission of Audiovisual Finland remains the same as before. ”We continue to work for the internationalisation and growth of Finnish film & TV sector” Karppinen says.

Audiovisual Finland runs several internationalisation and export initiatives yearly for Finnish production companies. Projects are about business development, gaining market knowledge, relevant contacts and international visibility. Lobbying for fiscal incentive for film and TV productions shot in Finland will be one of Audiovisual Finland's main targets this year.

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