Rovio and Mikael Hed Awarded Film & TV Industry's Hulda Export Award

Rovio and Mikael Hed Awarded Film and TV Industry’s Hulda Export Award

This year’s Finnish Audiovisual Export Award Hulda goes to Rovio Entertainment and Mikael Hed, the Executive Producer of The Angry Birds Movie. The Hulda Award is bestowed upon its recipients for their achievements in taking Finnish creative industry exporting to an entirely new level.

The Angry Birds Movie is the most commercially successful movie to ever come out of Finland. Global ticket sales have reached nearly 350 million US dollars. Moreover, it is the second most successful film based on a video game series in the entire world.

“Last year a delightfully high number of Finnish projects became international successes, but there was never any deliberation as to who the winner was. The Angry Birds Movie’s stratospheric success set a new bar for what was possible for us Finns. It’s also a fantastic example of a best-case scenario of where an unwavering, well thought-out brand architecture can take you,” commented CEO Johanna Karppinen of Audiovisual Finland, which gives out the award each year.

The Hulda Award will be presented to creator of the Angry Birds characters and brand – Rovio Entertainment – and the man behind the landmark film – Executive Producer Mikael Hed – on Friday March 24th, 2017 at the Jussi Awards, Finland’s premier film industry event. The award will be presented to Rovio Entertainment’s CEO Kati Levoranta by Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä.

“In addition to its financial success, the jury was impressed with how the film moved forward under Mikael Hed’s leadership. Its development process reflected determination and an ambitious vision, as well as courage to take large financial risks. The team had the foresight to gather the top international talents in the business whilst also making sure the knowledge capital was amassed and utilized in Finland,” Karppinen says, summing up the jury’s decision.

“It’s my pleasure to bestow this award unto Rovio and Mikael Hed. With this and the launch of the film production incentive at the start of this year, we believe Finnish filmmakers will soon be making an even greater mark all across the world. Finland is home to some spectacular talent and numerous examples of success. And The Angry Birds Movie has truly set the bar high,” states Minister Lintilä.

“We are enormously grateful for this recognition we have received. Spearheaded by Mikael Hed, The Angry Birds Movie and its success worldwide has been an unrivalled achievement for our company. With it, the Angry Birds brand has grown even further,” notes Rovio Entertainment CEO Kati Levoranta.

In addition to the Hulda Award, the jury would like to give an honorable mention to the TV series Bordertown as well as the Soundtrack of Love TV format. Bordertown was last year’s most successfully internationally sold Finnish TV series, having reached nearly 40 countries thus far. Soundtrack of Love is the first Finnish format that has moved into international production and is competing for primetime slots in several countries against mega-formats like The X Factor, Got Talent and The Voice.

The audiovisual industry Export Award is given out by film and TV export organization Audiovisual Finland. Each year the award goes to a Finnish audiovisual production, person, company or team which has demonstrated innovative spirit and made a clear international breakthrough, thus inspiring others in the field.

The Hulda Award derives its name from the 1937 film Juurakon Hulda, based on the Hella Wuolijoki play of the same name. The film’s Hollywood version entitled The Farmer’s Daughter premiered in 1947 and won an Academy Award for Best Actress (Loretta Young).

The Hulda Award jury members this year were Sari Väänänen (The Central Organization of Finnish Film Producers SEK), Stiina Laakso (The Association of Independent Producers in Finland SATU), Kirsi Collander (Tuotos, the copyright association for audiovisual producers in Finland), Liisa Vähäkylä (Finnanimation), Valtteri Niiranen (Kopiosto Copyright Society), Riina Liukkonen (The Finnish Film Distributors’ Association SEL) and Päivi Nummi-Aho (Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE).

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