Johanna Karppinen to leave Audiovisual Finland

PRESS RELEASE September 11th, 2017

Johanna Karppinen to leave Audiovisual Finland

Film and TV export organization Audiovisual Finland’s Johanna “Nunnu” Karppinen has announced she is to leave her position as CEO. Karppinen will continue in her role until September 30th, after which she will move on to new challenges.

Over the course of her four years as CEO, Karppinen has spearheaded numerous internationalization initiatives across the Finnish audiovisual industry, been responsible for shaping opportunities that allowed Finnish producers and companies to have their content reach thousands of industry professionals, and been a leading advocate of the cooperative network which was able to successfully introduce the Finnish audiovisual industry’s production incentive.

It’s been both incredibly interesting and rewarding to actively pursue the internationalization of the film and TV business. Leaving this organization is bittersweet, as I’ve been afforded the chance to really get diversely involved in developing a common framework for an entire industry, but also in the internationalization of individual companies. I will continue to work closely with the audiovisual sector, but the time to announce these new prospects is yet to come.” explained Karppinen when shedding some light on her decision to re-sign as CEO.

Karppinen began heading Audiovisual Finland after arriving from the Lapland Film Commission, which she also ran, and where she was responsible for marketing Lapland as a filming location to international production companies.

Chairman of the Audiovisual Finland Board Valtteri Niiranen offered his words of praise: “With untiring vigor and dynamism, Nunnu helped lead the efforts of a broad network of businesses and organizations who strove to introduce the production incentive in Finland, and she didn’t rest until that goal was achieved. In addition, she and her team have organized countless export initiatives and events both in Finland and abroad. Nunnu’s decision to move on to other prospects is of course a blow to our organization, but I believe everything she has accomplished in her time as CEO has benefited the entire industry and this will be apparent long into the future.

Who will take on the Audiovisual Finland mantle is not yet known. The form in which the organization will continue to operate and under whose leadership will be announced in due course.

We’re currently discussing the possibility of consolidating the field of associations in this sector with other industry associations, but we’ll take our time and see whether Audiovisual Finland will continue to operate as an independent entity or part of a larger whole.” Niiranen went on to say.

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